Chrome Extensions For Web Developers In 2019


Chrome has long ago became a defacto standard for developing and testing websites not only because of its prevalence but also because of the fantastically useful DevTools and lots of handy extensions that make our lives much easy.

In this article, I’d like to share some of the great Chrome extensions that I use in my work on a daily basis and can’t imagine my workflow without.

Edit This Cookie


This one is highly useful. It lets you quickly view and edit the cookies set by the website, or simply delete all cookies with one click in order to remove all the associated session and sign out.

You can even export all cookies into a file and then import them later to test some bug which is session-specific.



This extensions allows you to view your meta tags but it also gives you some basic bits of advice if your website is good enough for SEO or not. For example, it will make sure that your title is not too long, description not too short, that you have all the required meta tags for SEO and social sharing, that images have alt text (yes, this is also important) and that the whole website has a proper structure (headers hierarchy, links, etc. ).

So if you care about how your website works for search engines this one is a must-have.

Lighthouse From Google

Google Lighthouse

Moving on to performance optimisations. This popular plugin from Google will performa all sorts of tests on your website and in the end will give you a highly detailed report on what can be improved in terms of performance.

Not only it shows the website’s weak sides but it also gives a bunch of advice on how it can be improved.

Web Developer Checklist

And one more analyzer. This one analyses any web page for violations of best practices, including SEO, usability, performance and many more.



Joxy is a simple screenshot capturer which allows to capture a screenshot from the whole website or a part of it and then immediately send a link to a colleague. What makes it so good is that before sending the screenshot you can also modify it quickly, add text and arrows to signify what exactly do you want to say with this screenshot.

Joxy can also capture the whole website screenshot even if it’s very long and doesn’t fit in the viewport. The result though is not always correct, so for this particular purpose, I use a different extension called Full Page Capturer. I have to say this is not something I do very often.

Even More Extensions

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